"Dude, it isn't locked! Just like you said! I can't believe it, we're gonna score big!"

We have been scouting houses for months looking for our next big hit, but after the city installed those damn LED lamp posts, breaking-in was getting too risky. So one night, while commiserating in a pub together, we all thought it was over, but one friend suggested to go out in style.

"Come on boys, one last big hurrah, just to set us straight afterwards," he chuckled, wiping the beer off of his lips with his sleeve.

"I've got just the place in mind, just over East outside of the city limits, there's a home, and I know for a fact that whatever big-head lives there isn't ever home. No family, no nothing, clean easy and simple."

You exchanged glances with several of your fellows, and all of them seemed eager to go.

"The place is huge, it's a mansion, think of how much we could make off of this!"

One last time, you thought, besides, you could absolutely use the money anyway.




You and your friends all receive a letter. Your dear friend Lawrence Bradford Gerard has passed away. There isn't much on his will, just a final request for your help on his life project, something he holds very dear to his heart. At his home, you start to discover things and learn new things about your friend that you didn't know before. Has he always been like this? No, something must have changed over time. He seems so dark...



Johnny was always a little bit odd, but Johnny was your childhood friend. The one you used to run over to the corner store and split a Coke with.

He was always going on and on about how flawed the capitalist system was, and some other kooky stuff like that. Constantly complaining about them 'bourgeoisie pigs' and overall lamenting the fact that the world wasn't completely communist. 

You never really agreed with him, but it was fun to entertain some ideas with Johnny. You didn't keep in touch much throughout the years, but noticed that year after year, he had descended a little further and further into what some would call 'the loony bin.' 

One day, he messaged you "Comrade" - it said, "You're the only one I can trust, the only one I know will be able to do this. The only one who knows that I'm not a complete lunatic. I've devised a time machine, and in it you will be able to change the world whilst traveling through different eras. I hope you know what this means! Alas I cannot join you as the NSA has already been alerted to the machines existence because of this email. The machine will only work for 45 minutes due to this worlds current means of electrical power. I look forward to the new future you will create comrade!"

- John Titor - 2000 AD

Enclosed were directions to the machine itself.

You figured what the hell, at least you could go see it.